How can I get here?

You can come to Lido waterpark:

By Car
From Psalidi: Δείτε την διαδρομή
From Lambi: See the route
From Kos center: See the route
From Tigaki: See the route
From Marmari: See the route
From Kardamena: See the route
From Kefalos: See the route

By Public Bus
From Kos: All buses heading to Kardamena, to the Airport and to Kefalos stop outside the park
From Kardamena: All buses heading to Kos stop outside the park
From Kefalos: All buses heading to Kos stop outside the park

By Lido’s bus
Every day free transfer from and to the park by Lido’s bus.

Opening Hours?

The park is open daily from 10:00 am until 18:30 pm.

In case of bad weather, contact +30.22420.59241 as operation times may vary.

Where can I park?

The park has a large free private parking for 500 vehicles.

What are the general guidelines I should know?

For your own safety, please follow the instructions below:

  • Please note that your participation or entrance in the park’s games or slides, without informing park officials, regarding any physical disease, mental disease or physical weakness of yours, contains risks, the consequences of which, you are fully responsible for . We will happily direct and advise you, if at first you let us know, for any specifics, as far as your health is concerned, as to which games or slides you can join. Your participation, without first informing park officials on any health problems, is equivalent to participating at your own risk.
  • Follow carefully the instructions provided either from the safety instructions signs or the park’s staff. Breaking the rules for safe participation in our games or slides is equivalent to taking risk on your part. For further information or clarification on the operation of the games or slides, contact one of our experienced and skilled staff. Breaking the safety rules or instructions can cause a serious injury to you or any other visitor. If that is the case the company holds the right to take all necessary legal action against you and claim compensation from you for attempting to disrepute the company’s effective operation.
  • For your own safety, before you enter any slide or game, please carefully read the terms and conditions of participation, which can be found, posted at the entrance area of the slides or the games. For any further information contact someone from the park’s staff.
  • Do not participate or enter in any of the games or slides in case of any physical and/or mental health disorder of yours. If you don’t feel well in any way during your participation in a game or slide, notify the lifeguard on duty. For your own safety, If you do not inform park officials, about any health problem you might have, or any other aspect regarding your personal integrity and suitability for participating in the park’s games, you do so at your own risk.
  • The company and its authorized staff reserve the right to deny participation to any visitor in any of the slides, pools or any other game, if they determine that the physical integrity of the visitor is in danger, as well as, can deny entrance or require the visitor to leave from the park if they consider him/her to have an improper or risky behavior.
  • Smoking, eating or drinking during the turnout at slides, pools or games is prohibited at all cases.
  • At all times, you must supervise young children and take care of all aspects regarding their safety. The exposure of children to participate in games without the supervision of their guardians renders liabilities for the guardians for any physical damage or injury that might occur.
  • Look after all of your personal belongings. The company is not liable for loss of or damage to any of your personal belongings.
  • Do not enter areas with prohibitive signs.
  • Keep the park area clean and protect its gardens and greens.
  • All games, slides and pools within the park, comply with the safety standards in accordance with EU Directives.
  • The company and its authorized staff reserves the right to expel any visitor that violates the above rules and to exclude him from participation in any of the park’s games, slides or pools.
  • For any kind of information please ask at the entrance.

Always play safely!

Lido Water Park is a member of WWA.
Lido Water Park is a member of WWA (World Waterpark Association). In addition, the park has a well-trained team of technicians for daily monitoring and maintenance of water slides and other games.

First Aid

For carefree game, the first aid area and the nursing staff of Lido are beside you to provide first aid.

Security Personnel

The experienced security personnel ensures carefree fun in Lido Water Park.